Born in Moscow in 1980. From 1997 to 2003 studied in MGHPA named after S.G. Stroganoff  at the Department of monumental painting, where had a direct opportunity to join the aesthetics of the late Soviet “Maniera Grande”, still existing as a historical paradox after the collapse of the Soviet system. This acquaintance with the Soviet monumental style, however, did not prevent the artist from the long time artistic activity in the streets, helping to develop his own language on the crossroads of high and marginal art. After graduation studied history of art, researching monumental painting in Italy - mainly late Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque. Ph.D. thesis (2006) is devoted to the art of  J. Tintoretto.
The first artworks were created at the turn of 2005-2006, after a long period of non-painting. Since 2006 participates in exhibitions. Works as a painter, graphic artist, author of installations, also writes critical articles, reads a course on contemporary Russian art in Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. 
Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.