NUTS : Group Show

9 September - 6 October 2011

Regina Gallery is pleased to announce, Nuts, a group show of a new generation of predominantly Russian artists who will present their latest works. Whilst the participants have already attracted worldwide attention through multiple group shows in international institutions and Biennales, most of the works in the exhibition are being shown abroad for the first time.

In the poem The Tale of Tsar Saltan Alexander Pushkin (1799- 1837) wrote about a magical squirrel that could make nuts turn into precious stones. This poem has a special place in Russian consciousness, being an ongoing source of influence to children and inspiration for the older generation who grew up with these stories always present in Russian education. Here, the nuts became a symbol of how classical ideas permeated into general culture, leaving its mark in unexpected ways.

Translated into the English language, there is an obvious play of words which refers to the craziness of young thinkers.

  • Arseniy Zhilyaev
  • Egor Koshelev
  • EliKuka
  • Olya Kroytor
  • Tigran Khachatryan
  • Vlad Kulkov