13 September - 27 November 2016

Mikhail Ovcharenko is the new director of Regina. Now, it's his responsibility to take care of and grow the gallery's many fruits, as he encourages everyone to get out of their dull houses, workshop and offices and color their daily life with “Tutti Frutti”. It's a bright and bold mix. It's an exhibition where you can meet all of the gallery's artists. Their names are on the lips of everyone in the global art world. Whatever you can imagine, you will see it come true!

The visual side of the exhibition reflects the ideas of the new exhibition program of Regina. “Tutti Frutti” stands for a combination of associations, different meanings, various approaches towards art and the aesthetics that the gallery's artists embody in their works. Regina intends to construct this “Tutti Frutti” exhibition into an exquisite, multifaceted fruit cocktail. This cocktail will be full of the contemporary artists’ fruits with their wonderful and unforgettable notes and flavors. There will be lots of new and unexpected things. The gallery is focused on the education of its visitors, so we're not afraid of presenting eccentric and profound art or resorting to unusual exhibition strategies.

The new Regina is like a garden, where ripe fruits become juicy and delicious.