Alexander Tsikarishvili was born in 1983 in Leningrad. He graduated from The Leningrad Secondary Art School in 2000 and attended Tavricheskaya Art School, majoring in graphic design till 2005. In 2013, he participated in the School of Young Artist organized by the Pro Arte Foundation. He is a founder of the North-7 research base and a co-founder of an art group of the same name.


He is a founder of the Seventh Independent Contemporary Art Fair and co-founder of Kunsthalle Numer Sieben Gallery.


He works with different mediums – painting, sculpture, and installation – and experiments with various artistic and natural materials, including soil. In his works, he raises a broad spectrum of cultural questions: mutations of Russian art, cliches, and stereotypes. When speaking of Tsikarishvili’s works, the influences of Dadaism and Arte Povera come to mind. 


Tsikarishvili lives and works in St. Petersburg. He’s an Innovation Prize nominee (2018) and Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award (2018, 2020) nominee as part of the North-7 group.


His works are present in the collections of the M HKA Museum (Antwerp).




Funny Soil Fruity Land. OVCHARENKO. Moscow, Russia.


Unsuitable R. NameGallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Group Exhibitions


Coral Island: Sex on the Beach. Art4 Museum. Moscow, Russia.

Future Behind the Clouds. DK Gromov. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.



Sleigh Bar - Drinking Technique. Festival Barents Spektakel. Kirkenes, Norway.

Nevsky Express. Museum of Contemporary Art Art4. Moscow, Russia. 

MorMir. Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.



Lost and Found North-7 Expedition. M HKA Museum, Antwerp.

Summer Camp. Anna Nova Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Cosmorama XVIII. Moscow City Museum. Moscow, Russia.

Horizon-19. New Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia.



SADPP-7. OVCHARENKO. Moscow, Russia.

Grotesque in Art. Museum of 20th and 21st Century St. Petersburg Art. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Inconvenient R. NameGallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

For Days and Days. Performance within the framework of the LOBSTERREALISM project. New Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


The Seventh Part of the World. NameGallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Russian Puzzle. New Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
14th Contemporary Art Festival at the Traditional Museum. Greenhouse Matyushin. Museum of the St. Petersburg Avant-garde. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Flying Bar, total installation. Festival Barents Spektakel. Kirkenes, Norway.


RG. Navicula Artis. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Flower Buds. Liljevalchs Hubb. Stockholm, Sweden.


«ТГВНВ», performance. Arts Festival Access Point. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
The Snark Hunt. Matyushin Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Transport-7, performance. 12th Contemporary Art Festival in a Traditional Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
North-7. СAS gallery. Batumi, Georgia.
In the Absence of the Artist. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Seven Ways to Look at a Miracle. SP-5. Museum of the St. Petersburg Avant-garde. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Signal. The Art of the Present. KB Signal. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Signal 2014. KB Signal. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Bad Texts. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Temporary Collapse. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Towers. Parallel program of Manifesta 10. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Northern Market. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Basic Values. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
This Is Our Country, Grandma. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
7 Samurai, performance. 3rd Public Art Festival Art Prospect. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Pornofactura. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Clumsy Work. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Observation Diary. ART re.FLEX Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Curatorial Projects

Nevsky Express. Museum of Contemporary Art Art4. Moscow, Russia.
MorMir. Kunsthalle nummer sieben. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Ivan Chemakin. Dob-2 — the Prey of Monkeys. Base North-7. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.