Stas Volyazlovsky  was born in Kherson, Ukraine in 1971. Volyazlovsky’s authentic style corresponds to the style of his  hometown Kherson, where he lived all his life, and to the style of his entourage (artists and friends). It is all about sincerity, self-mockery, black humour, ludicrous funny cases and rumours. A lot of things from everyday life, layered on top of horrors from the ‘big world’, transcended to his works in a grotesque manner.

Stas became the creator of a new trend in art called 'chanson-art'. It was his way of communicating with people and their tough destinies, with their fears, superstitions, thoughts and stories. Volyazlovsky’s artwork is a ‘stream of consciousness’, without filters and squeamishness, a reflection of the world’s craziness, the cruelty and pettiness of human nature, the concentration of everything which gets poured on top of us via media channels - dismembered bodies, pornography, crime, politics, the yellow press. The horrors do not go away, even if we close our eyes. The artist chose a visual language where freedom, simplicity and frankness are possible: naive art, Russian ‘lubkis’ and art of the mentally disturbed. By touching upon forbidden subjects with the help of black humour, Volyazlovsky invented whole stories: ‘lubok comics’ on bed sheets, pillow cases, mattresses, tablecloths, created ‘wall newspapers’, graphics, collages, installations, video works, wrote stories and poems.

In the 2000's, he was a member of the ‘R.E.P’ group, of the ‘Totem’ club and in the 2010’s, a part of ‘Rapany’. In 2007 he started collaborating with REGINA Gallery, which hosted two of his personal exhibitions: ‘Chanson Art’ (a catalogue was published, 2008) and ‘Kiosk Between Two Towers’ (2011). His works were exhibited in Belgium, UK, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France, Croatia and Sweden. Participated at the Moscow Biennale (2009). Participated at art fairs like ‘Art Moscow’ (Moscow, 2007), Armory Show (New-York, 2008, 2011), ARTISSIMA (Turin, 2008), Art Basel (Basel, 2011), VIENNAFAIR (Vienna, 2013), Viennacontemporary (Vienna, 2017). Works are in Cindy Sherman’s collection, as well as in other private collections in Russia and abroad.

Solo shows:
  • Give a Blowjob in Heaven. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia 
  • Libertinage. Karas Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine


  • Kiosk Between Two Towers. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Chanson Art. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Wall Newspapers. Atelier Karas Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
  • Swords into Ploughs. NaSpasskoy 45 Gallery. Nikolayev, Ukraine
  • Textile. Tsekh (Workshop) Gallery (curator: Victoria Burlaka). Kiev, Ukraine
  • Waiting for Yeti. CC/02 Gallery. Kherson, Ukraine


Group Shows (selection):


  • The Team I Can't Live Without. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Lymphatic drainage. Small Gallery of the Art Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine


  • 3rdMoscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Center for Contemporary Culture «Garage». Moscow, Russia
  • Fuck Young. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • PastFuturePerfect. Calvert22. London, UK
  • ApartmentShow. BereznitskyGallery. Berlin, Germany
  • Knizhkovy obid. Contemporary Art Center under the auspices of NAUKMA.Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Transit. Ya (I) Gallery Art Center of Pavel Gudimov. Kiev, Ukraine
  • WSPOLNOTY. Mloda sztuka Ukrainy. Arsenal Gallery (curator: RAP group). Bialystok, Poland
  • Stanislav Volyazlovsky and the Totem Studio. SOSKA Gallery Lab of Contemporary Art. Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Commonwealth Project. Contemporary Art Center under the auspices of NAUKMA. Kiev, Ukraine
  • GENERATIONS. USA. PinchukArtCentrе. Kiev, Ukraine
  • Artists Drawing. A4 Paper Format. An annual portfolio project. Atelier Karas Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
  • Self-Defense. Within the framework of the Eidos – 2006/07International Competition of Visual Art. Culture, Art and Museum Complex of the Mistetsky Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine
  • TESTING STATION. Skulpturens Hus (curator: A. Solovyov).Stockholm, Sweden
  • Withoutbirchbark. ContemporaryArtMuseum. Kherson, Ukraine
  • Collection. Contemporary Art Museum. Kherson, Ukraine
  • 5thInternationalTriennialofSmallGraphicForms. Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 14thInternationalEx-LibrisCompetition, biennial. St. Niklaas,Belgium
  • 5th International Competition in Graphics and Ex-Libris. Gliwice, Poland
  • CompetitioninComputerGraphics. Opava, Czekh Republic
  • International Competition of Ex-Libris and Small Graphics. Map Museum. Moulinex, France
  • Seven. Kherson Oblast Art Museum named after A. Shovkunenko. Kherson, Ukraine


Participation in international fairs of contemporary art:


  • Armory Show. New York, USA


  • Frieze Art Fair. London, UK
  •  Art Basel Miami Beach. Miami, USA 
  • 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia
  • ArmoryShow. New York, USA
  • Artissima. Torino, Italy
  • ArtBaselMiamiBeach. Miami, USA
  • Art-Moscow. Moscow, Russia