Oleg Golosiy was born in 1965 in Dnipropetrovsk. After graduating from the Dnipropetrovsk Art College in 1984, he enrolled at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, where he studied monumental painting. A member of the Paris Commune squat, Golosiy was one of the so-called New Ukrainian Wave major figures.


Throughout four years of his short but fruitful career, Golosiy created about 300 paintings. His expressive, dynamic manner was inspired by Italian transavanguardia, the influence being especially noticeable in his early works. Like all members of Parcommune, Golosiy leaned towards postmodernism. He sought to merge reality and fantasy, filling polycentric compositions with various cultural references.


He introduced images from Greek mythology into his works 'Faun,' 'The Languor of Oedipus,' 'Attis,' etc. Besides that, the artist alludes to Bible stories (Execution, 1988; Descent from the Cross, 1990; The Last Supper, 1988) and fictional characters ('Beatrice,' 1990). Some images derive from Hollywood movies ('Boxers and a Star,' 'At the Circus' (all - 1991), 'Hollywood,' 1992), and children's magazines ('The Hare and the Wolf,' 1990; 'Rastepa,' 1990).


Crowded with characters, dynamic painting of this period was shown at the first solo exhibition ­— in 1991 at the OVCHARENKO (until 2018 — Regina). In 1992 Golosiy, together with the artists of the Paris Commune, participated in an art residency in Munich. During his stay in Germany, Oleg Golosiy created such works as 'White Sun (Balloon),' 'Road in the Forest,' 'Coast,' 'Bridge,' 'Through the Foliage.' The artist's manner transformed — the composition is now centred around one object, and colours became more delicate. They turned out to be one of the last works before the artist's tragic death in January 1993.


Solo shows


Oleg Holosiy. Non-Stop Painting. Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine.

A Boy and a Comet. The Naked Room Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.



Oleg Golosiy. Vladey Space. Moscow, Russia.



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Day and Night Alternate Each Other. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia.



Oleg Golosiy. UKV Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.



Oleg Golosiy. Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia.


Group shows


Temple Masterpieces, or Enjoy Your Bath! VLADEY. Moscow, Russia.

ZDRAVSTVUYTE! OVCHARENKO in cooperation with VLADEY. Moscow, Russia.



Spring Auction 2021. Presale Exhibition. Vladey. Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Moscow, Russia.



First-hand Art. A Collector’s View: Looking Back and Forward. OVCHARENKO. Moscow, Russia.



Autumn Auction 2018. Presale Exhibition. Vladey Space. Moscow, Russia.

The Moscow Times. Presale Exhibition. Vladey Space. Moscow, Russia. 



Tutti Frutti. Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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Regards sur l’Ukraine. Passage du Retz. Paris, France



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Painters of Parcommune. House of Artists. Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Spring Exhibition. House of Artists. Kyiv, Ukraine.



Babylon. Palace of Youth. Moscow, Russia.

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All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists. Manezh. Moscow, Russia.



Youth of the Country. House of Artists. Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kyiv — Tallinn. Polytechnic Institute. Kyiv, Ukraine. 


Public collections
  • Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland
  • State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia