REGINA Gallery is pleased to present the CONQUERED CITY, a group show of young artists within the framework of YOUNG & FAST annual project.

The CONQUERED CITY project deals with the city, the street as disintegrated, fragmented spaces of life. Residents remain in the city after the arrival of the conqueror, but the city does not belong to them any longer. The street is deprived of its social value, of its specific face. Any movement is to be approved in the conquered city, there is to be permission for every act. The city is brimming with bans, and its every resident has to learn their unevident logic. This city disappears as a community, as a sum of its residents being transformed into abstraction, into a heap of forms that defy comprehension.

  • Aleksandra Galkina
  • Anton Kuryshev
  • David Ter-Oganyan
  • Ilya Bydraitskis
  • Misha Most
  • Nikolay Ridniy
  • Vladimir Logutov
  • Zhanna Kadyrova