Foot to Foot: Group Show

Regina Gallery is pleased to present Foot to Foot, a group show of seven artists from New York curated by Margaret Lee. This exhibition gives a personal view of current practices in the city and presents a diverse range of works. Whilst none of the works share a commonality in aesthetic sensibility, there is an underlying sense of dissent.

In working outside of the traditional art historical dialogue, there is a reclaiming of one’s own artistic practice. Whether it is Debo Eiler’s In Your House, a 4’ x 4’ x 8’ tiled room built for the purpose of generating ideas (which he first made for his 2010 solo exhibition as a collaboration between himself and his assistants, resulting in a psychologically charged, paint-and-chocolate-chip-cookie-smeared expressionism, contained within its walls), or Amy Yao’s clear umbrella with various sundries sewn onto the surface, made in isolation in the Arizona desert but also within the context of the centuries old tradition of the Japanese parasol. These artists are not afraid of taking from the private. Andrei Ko- schmieder presents a suite of phototransfer images with variations of the text “Come Here Monday “, with the other days of the week following. Read by most as a work that addresses the passage of time, Come Here is also the name of a cat. The pickle situated amongst the colorful stripes in Alisa Baremboym’s prints, hovers between a dialogue that ranges from identity to deconstruction of the still life. None of this excludes virtuosity, and the fiercely independent gestures and figurations of Tim Lokiec and E’wao Kagoshima both maintain a language that is puzzling and mesmerizing.

  • Alisa Baremboym
  • Amy Yao
  • Andrei Koschmieder
  • Darren Bader
  • Debo Eilers
  • E’wao Kagoshima
  • GroTim Lokiec