North-7: Marshes Your Way

OVCHARENKO presents the exhibition of North-7 — the legendary art collective from St. Petersburg. After The School of Active Drawing and Performative Posing (SADPP-7), presented at the gallery in 2018, and a solo exhibition and becoming a part of the M HKA Museum in Antwerp collection in 2019, the artists are returning with a new project!


The St. Petersburg art collective North-7, well-known and quite popular among the Moscow audience, is preparing a spring gift for them — a new exhibition with installations of different artists. Anna Andrzhievskaya, Pyotr Dyakov, Vadim Kondakov, Nestor Kharchenko, Alexander and Elizaveta Tsikarishvili, Leonid Tskhe, Ivan Chemakin, Vadim Mikhailov, Nestor Engelke all show their unique artistic style in this exhibition. Artists from the city on the Neva River traditionally proceed from the certain socio-natural their city is associated with en masse. These are swamps, bogs, marshes with their vapours and miasms are especially pronounced during the period of spring floods. In addition, the collective interest of the North-7 group lies in folk art, folklore in its living, non-museum version. The principle behind the "Marshes Your Way" exhibition consists of deep respect for traditions and careful research of the folk customs in the paradigm of the current day.


OVCHARENKO main space will be devoted to a series of objects made from the widest range of materials: ceramics, wood, metal, and fabric. The works will be united by a certain style of "high" delivery with the help of a construction structure made of poles.


The other room is occupied by a generic platform structure, referring to the concept of a house, a casket, an eternal habitat. This is one of the variants of a new ontology — a global and detailed creative generalization of humanitarian knowledge presented by the northern artists to the art lovers of the capital.


About the artists:

North-7 is a creative collective of young artists from Saint-Petersburg, which emerged in 2013 on the basis of a research base of the same name.


The artists work with different mediums — performative theatre, living sculpture, happening, site-specific projects, painting, and sculpture. They experiment with various artistic languages, but performance remains the core of their practice as a strategy of real-time collective experience.


Main group members include Anna Andrzhievskaya, Pyotr Dyakov, Vadim Kondakov, Alexander and Elizaveta Tsikarishvili, Leonid Tskhe, Ivan Chemakin, Nestor Engelke. However, throughout their creative career, North-7 has also worked with Ilya Grishaev, Asya Marakulina, and Zhanna Nagoryanskaya.