Solo shows:


  • The Ressurrection of Pablo Picasso in the Year 3111. Vladey Space, Moscow, Russia
  • The Ressurrection of Pablo Picasso in the Year 3111. Kunsthaus Zug. Zug, Switzerland
  • The Secret Drawings of Jacqueline Kenned. The Art Show: ADAA., Julie Saul Gallery booth. New York, USA


  • Artist of the week – Pavel Pepperstein. Vladey Space. Moscow, Russia
  • Memory is over. PLATO Ostrava.  Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Miracles in swamp. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Attack on the swamp. Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia


  • Wandering over camps and monasteries. Iragui Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • The cold center of the sun. Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain. Saint-Étienne , France
  • The future enamored with the past. Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia  
  • Holy Politics. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia


  • Studies of American Suprematism. Galerie Kamm. Berlin, Germany


  • Pavel Pepperstein. Monica De Cardenas. Milan, Italy
  • Text - Bild - Konzepte (with Victor Pivovarov). Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim
  • Ophelia (with Victor Pivovarov). REGINA Gallery. London, UK
  • Landscapes of the Future. Kewenig Galerie. Cologne, Germany
  • From Mordor with Love. REGINA Gallery. London, UK
  • Vesna (Spring). REGINA Artberloga. Moscow, Russia


  • Either/Or: National Suprematism as a Project for the New Representative Style for Russia. Kewenig Gallery. Cologne, Germany
  • Either/Or: National Suprematism as a Project for a New Representative Style for Russia. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • City of Russia. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Albums. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Rembrandt. Dmitry Semenov Gallery. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Landscapes of the Future. Contemporary Art Gallery. Vancouver, Canada
  • Talking Animals. Kaufmann Gallery. Zurich, Switzerland
  • Landscapes of the Future. Kamm Gallery. Berlin, Germany
  • Drawings. Kunstmuseum Basel. Basel, Swiss
  • Pentagon. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Drawings. Artplay Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Europa. Galerie Ursula Walbrol. Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Riders. Ministry of Culture. Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Riders. Sutton Lane. London, UK
  • Hypnosis. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Flags and Flowers. Sutton Lane Gallery. London, UK
  • Hypnosis. Sprovieri Gallery. London, UK
  • Hypnosis. Kaufmann Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Eyes. Galerie Kamm. Berlin, Germany
  • Battles. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Political Hallucinations. Galerie Kamm. Berlin, Germany
  • Gods and Monsters. Neuer Aachener Kunstverein. Aachen, Germany
  • America. Galerie Ursula Walbrol. Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Drawings. Larivier. Paris, France
  • Dreams and Museum. Kunsthaus Zug. Zug, Switzerland
  • Girl and the Tunnel. Kaufman Gallery. Zurich, Switzerland
  • Exhibition of One Talk (with Ilya Kabakov and Boris Groys). Kunsthaus Zug. Zug, Switzerland
  •  Away from the Labyrinth (with Greenman). Museum of Israel.Jerusalem, Israel
  • Russian Novel 2000. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Moses (with the group 'Russia'). Kunsthaus Zug. Zug, Switzerland
  • Things are in a Landscape (with Victor Pivovarov). Obscuri Viri.Moscow, Russia
  • How to meet an Angel (with Ilya Kabakov). Sprovieri Gallery. London, UK
  • Two Angels (with Victor Pivovarov). Karmelienkloster. Graz, Austria
  • Two Agents (with Victor Pivovarov). Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten. Graz, Austria
  • The Father and the Son (with Victor Pivovarov). Kunsthaus Zug. Zug, Swithzerland
  • Binoculars and Monoculars - Life and work. Kunsthaus Zug. Zug, Switzerland
  • The Sweet Dark. Obscuri Viri Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Portrait of an Old man. State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Play Tennis (with Ilya Kabakov). Pori Art Museum. Pori, Finland
  • Project No.3 and Freudian Dreams (with Andrei Monastyrski). Galerie Pastzi-Bott. Cologne, Germany
  • Play Tennis (with Ilya Kabakov). Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto,Canada

Selected group shows:


  • 1-st Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia
  • VLADEY pre-auction exhibition «See Paris». Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia
  • Love. VLADEY Space. Moscow, Russia


  • Monstration. VLADEY Space. Moscow, Russia
  • Tutti Frutti. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Contemporary Russian artists — participants of Venice Biennale. Selected works. Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Saint Petersburg, Russia 
  • Contemporaries of the Future. Jewish Artists in The Russian Avant-Garde, 1910s-1980s. The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Moscow, Russia


  •  The European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta 10. The State Hermitage Museum. Saint Petersburg


  • Bergen Triennale, curated by Ekaterina Degot and David Riff, Bergen, Norway
  • Göteborg Biennale, Goteborg, Sweden
  • The Global Contemporary: Art Worlds after 1989. ZKM (Museum of Contemporary Art). Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Ostalgia. New Museum. New York, USA
  • Modernikon. Contemporary Art from Russia. 54th Venice Biennale. Parallel Program. Casa dei Tre Oci. Venice, Italy
  • Les Utopies Mutantes. Passage de Retz. Paris, France
  • Contrepoint: Russian Contemporary Art, From the Icon to the Avant-garde. Musee du Louvre. Paris, France
  • The Beijing International Art Biennale. Curated by Roger Gustafsson. Beijing, China
  • Diary of a Madman. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • European Drawings. Oredaria Arti Contemporanee Gallery. Rome, Italy
  • Political Comics. Kunstverein Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany
  • 3rd Moscow Biennale. Moscow, Russia
  • Landscapes of the Future, Russian Pavilion at the 53 Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy
  • Making Worlds, curated by Daniel Birnbaum. La Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy
  • Moscopolis. Espace Louis Vuitton. Paris, France
  • Cultural Confusion. Galerie Elisabeth Kaufmann.Zurich, Switzerland
  • Woe of Wit. Special project of the 2nd Moscow Biennale. Museum of Literature. Moscow, Russia
  • MUHKA. Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Woe of Wit. VP Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Thinking Realism. Special project of the 2nd Moscow Biennale.Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Essence of Life - Essence of Art. State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Angels of History. Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Anterpen. Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Essence of life - essence of Art, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art - Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
  • Vienna Art Week. Vienna, Austria
  • 26th Sao-Paulo Biennale. Ciccillio Matarazzo Pavilion. Sao-Paulo,Brazil
  • Moscow-Berlin. 1950-2000. Central Historical Museum. Moscow, Russia
  • Go, Russia, Go! REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Berlin-Moscow 1950−2000. Martin Gropius Bau. Berlin, Germany
  • Contemporary Russian Painting 1992-2002. New Manezh. Moscow, Russia
  • The Body Art. Biennale de Valencia. Valencia, Spain
  • Neues Moskau. Ifa-Galerie, Berlin, Germany
  • Crazy Twin. Touring exhibition organized by the Society of Collectors of Contemporary art, Moscow with Appolonia-European Artistic Interchanges (Strasburg). Various locations. Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod; Samara; Ekaterinburg; Uaron Castle (France)
  • Eurorepair. Slavianskij Cultural and Historical Centre. Moscow, Russia
  • Mystical Correct. Galerie Hohenthal and Bergen. Berlin, Germany
  • Ecology of Emptiness. Center of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia
  • How to Draw a Horse (Part 2). Central House of Artists. Moscow,Russia
  • Scopes of Interpretations. Russian State Humanitarian University. Moscow, Russia
  • History Personalized. Contemporary Russian Art, 1956-1996. A touring exhibition of the Russian provinces organized by the Open society Institute with the Tsaritsino State Museum-Reserve. Nizhny Novgorod; Samara; Novosibirsk; Perm; Ekaterinburg
  • Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union. Collection of Tsaritsino State Museum-Reserve. Mucharnok Museum of Fine Arts.Budapest, Hungary
  • In Moskau… In Moscau. Badischer Kunsverein. Karlsruhe, Germany
  • About Beauty. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Dry Water. Bakhchisarai museum-preserve. Bakhchisara, Crimea
  • How to Draw a Horse (Part 1). Ipodrom. Moscow, Russia
  • View on Paris from the new building window. Obscuri Viri.Moscow, Russia
  • Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkomformisten Russland 1957-1995. Wilchelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany; Documenta-Halle. Kassel, Germany; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
  • Victory and Defeat. Obscuri Viri. Moscow, Russia
  • 2nd Cetin Biennale of Modern Art. Cetin, Montenegro
  • Architecture of ideas. Kunsthaus Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany
  • Temporal address of the Russian art. Museedelapost. Paris,France
  • Monuments: transformation for the future. ICA. New York, USA
  • Step East. 45th Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy
  • Context Kunst 90. Kunstlerhaus Graz. Graz, Austria
  • Exchange. Shedhalle. Zurich, Austria
  • A Mosca…a Mosca. Galleria d'Arte Moderna. Bologna, Italy
  • Perspective of Conceptualism. North North Carolina Museum of Art. Reley, USA
  • Monuments: transformation for the future. ISI. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
  • ART BOOK. Riga, Latvia
  • MANI Museum - 40 Moscow artists. Karmelitenkloster. Frankfurt, Germany
  • Private employments. 1.0 Gallery (Show-room on Solijanka). Moscow, Russia
  • Mamka-space. Propeller Gallery. Sadovniki Gallery. Moscow,Russia

Exhibitions of the group 'Medical Hermeneutics Inspection':
  • Binoculars and Monocle / Life and work. Kunsthaus Zug.Zug, Swithzerland
  • Portrait of an Old Man (with Igor Dmitriev). State Russian Museum.St. Petersburg, Russia
  • White Window. Villa Waldberta. Munich, Germany
  • We are your Grandad! Festival Europe 94. Munich, Germany
  • Illumination in the Tower. Galerie Inge Baecker. Cologne, Germany
  • Processions. Human Space Art Center. Milan, Italy
  • Paramen. Galerie Grita Insam. Vienna, Austria
  • Switzerland + Medicine. Swiss Institute. New York, USA
  • Drawings on Margins. MANI Museum. Moscow, Russia
  • Empty Icons. L Gallery. Moscow, Russia
  • Golden Icons and Black Line. Kunstverein Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany
  • Blickwingel - Das Sakrale in der USSR. Galerie Insam. Vienna, Austria
  • Sweiz + Medicine. Shedhalle Zurich. Zurich, Swithzerland
  • 19-91. Galerie Walcheturm. Zurich, Switzerland
  • Militaerlieben von kleinen Bildern. Galerie Krings-Ernst. Cologne, Germany
  • Orthodoxe Ablutschungen - Umschlage und Abschlusse. Two installations of the group Мedical Hermeneutics Inspection.Kunsthalle. Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Three Inspectors. Galeria Mladych. Prague, Czech Republic
  • Three Children. Galeria Mladych. Prague, Czech Republic