Oleg Kulik: The Russian

Kulik's new project presents The Russian as a symbol in a familiar set of signs: the Red Square, the Mausoleum, the Lenin Library (the biggest library of the USSR), Our Savior's Cathedral, chilly snow covered plains. Yet the obvious cliches provide the background for incredible stories. His bride is either a lady, or a doggy. He is milking a bulldog huge enough to pass for a cow. He is dodging from the shots of two militiamen and a man resembling Nabokov. A red banner in his hands and excited dogs at his feet he beckons us to the frozen horizon. He is wailing at the sky overcast with the US flag, standing in the "EC" ring of twelve dogs. But color suddenly comes through the gray neutrality of black & white photographs that are to legalize, to document bizarre fantastic scenes. Three colors, to be more exact. A tricolor. And sleek, abundant gilt.