Vlad Kulkov & Leonid Tskhe : THE RISKY AND THE MAGICIAN (Tbilisi cycle)

13 October - 5 November 2023

"The Risktaker" and "Magician" - that's how Vlad and Leonid characterize each other today. By chance and thanks to their gallerist, they found themselves in an old Tbilisi house this summer, temporarily transformed into their studio. In these slightly surreal circumstances, both broke their creative silence and embarked on new series of works. Despite the external similarities in their artistic biographies (painters, contemporaries, involuntary wanderers in foreign lands), there will likely be more fundamental differences. The intriguing aspect lies in the unexpected convergence - the coming together of two distinct, if not contrasting, yet equally legitimate artistic worlds and practices. In the shadow of a great, mountain-like sorrow, the exhibition reflects on the risks and magic of art and supports the artists on their path to overcoming silence.

Andrey Shabanov