Group exhibition: Rehearsals of Pleasure and Other Conditions

25 October - 6 December 2017

REGINA Gellery presents the «Rehearsals of pleasure and other conditions» group exhibition, curated by Sergey Bratkov.

What stands behind works by a young artist? What will remain if we focus not on a commercial product, not on formal «searching for a new visuality» and not on a pre-built and emasculated structure of interaction of conceptual work with the viewer?

The living matter of the artist's everyday reality, unsightly for someone, somehow harsh, somehow personal, sentimental or emotional, has become the subject of the young artists’ statements.

Built according to the principle of rapid reaction art, the exhibition includes works and performances created here and now, without any predefined goal of a common utterance, but in an attempt to discover the point of internal struggle that hides behind the public manifestations of the process of art creation.

This is not an invitation to the workshop, but the citation of internal dialogues: with a medium, with institutions, with oneself and with society. This is the part of the work of artists that can not be sold.

Participants: Daria Barybina, Alina Kleitman, Eugeny Muzalewski, Polina Muzyka, Mikhail Ptitcin, Anna Rotaenko, Igor Samolet, Yan Tamkovich-Friske, Igor Fedorichev.

The name of the exhibition is borrowed from the verse by Kirill Shirokov.

Author of the text Anna Rotaenko.