Ivan Razumov: Local Warming

Regina Gallery presents «Local warming», personal exhibition of Ivan Razumov.

In these new series of paintings Razumov represents image of Moscow and Russia. The project treats the way impressions of culture and contemporary life refract and mutate in our dreams, revealing the hidden connections, conflicts, and collisions between mass and individual consciousness. The artist represents Moscow in the way he sees it. Ruined city, flora and fauna that took over the streets, handful of people that are trying to coexist in harmony with nature. The only thing that may save a conquered man is true warmth of human heart. That is why upcoming warning is only local.

Razumov’s art is ironic and absurd. He neglects of obvious meaning and escapes from сconsanguineous interpretations. The artist allows viewers to decide what is represented on canvas. What is happening with this sham Kremlin – was it destroyed by time and storm or is it going to be erected by remaining humans? An elephant is wandering over neighborhood. The reason he came here is hidden behind the walls of artist’s studio.

Ivan Razumov’s art is figurative, but still deprived of realism. Inheriting traditions of illustration, he sticks to his own artistic strategies and creates his own recognizable pictorial manner. As Victor Mazin notes «his art differs not only by supremely accurate pictorial technique, a deep knowledge of art traditions, and incredible sensibility to contemporary events…».