Regina Gallery is pleased to invite you to Ivan Razumov’s solo show “10 Dreams About Moscow.”


“For a long time I was involved with Graphic Art — skinny and grotesque, monotonous in her verbosity, and harsh.  Ultimately, I tired of her rationalistic exactitude and constrained sensuality.  She drove me over the edge with her obsessive scatological humor and the superficiality of her argumentation.  Painting is a rosy-cheeked, buxom, uninhibited, promising, cosmic courtesan.  Not so long ago, and this is still the case for many, taking brush and canvas in hand was akin to robbing a bank.”

Ivan Razumov


This is the artist’s first solo show at Regina Gallery, and the first series of works since the author established himself as “the sharpest pencil in two capitals.” The project treats the way impressions of culture and contemporary life refract and mutate in our dreams, revealing the hidden connections, conflicts, and collisions between mass and individual consciousness. This is hardly the first time the artist has turned to this set of themes.  During the Tenth International Manifesto Festival, for instance, the Sigmund Freud Dream Museum hosted Ivan Razumov’s show, “Drawn dreams of the animate workbench.”  At that time, the artist exhibited sketches and drafts drawn automatically or spontaneously.  Today, an “oily chromatic mass corresponds to colorful dream material much more closely than does heavy ink.“

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