Regina Gallery is pleased to present a new project of Sergey Bratkov ‘Neither War Nor Peace’. The video 'Endless War', and a new series of photographs are an attempt to interpret the last decade, or the so-called noughties.

The title of the show precisely reflects the mood of the time: ‘It stands to notice, that we are not in a state between war and peace. It is possible to pose the question about being in a state of «neither here nor there»’ – considers the artist, showing us its signs through the broken spaces of factories, abandoned flats and in the taped windows of the metro.

The project ‘Neither War Nor Peace’ is the conceptualization of the idea based on the famous artist’s work ‘Long live the bad of today for the good of tomorrow’, presented for the first time in 2010. The idea runs through the solidifying state of reality, broken spaces, and the noughties to unfold and turn into hope for the better.

Sergey Bratkov
Neither war nor peace, 2010
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    Sergey Bratkov | Neither war nor Peace

    Constantine Agunovich, Afisha Magazine March 21, 2011