Regina Gallery is pleased to present the Magic Rustle, a new solo show of Victor Alimpiev. Shown within the frame- work of the parallel program of the Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the exhibition is a presentation of the artist’s latest video work. Similar to his previous works, the atmosphere of a particular community of people united by a common cause is being created by the artist. However in the present work the “community” is reduced to a quantitative minimum.

Victor Alimpiev:

Strolling along the stage, the actress is performing a monologue, inciting the fist to rejoice, the imperfect word to riot, the bow to bloom... Words are equal to actions: the verbal statements appear as part of directive gestures - as if a conductor has suddenly begun assisting the action with words, while the monologue as a whole becomes performative (a statement-action such as “I promise...”) The actress’ words and actions come across as if they reflect her own words and actions on a screen facing her, as if they comment on them and challenge them, cre- ating a sport-like environment, a concert environment (remember that historians derive the origin of the word “concerto” from two different roots: the Latin “competition” and the Italian “concord”.) “As if” - because on the opposite-facing screen the same story is played out but with a slight delay which creates the impression - but just the impression - of a dialogue. That’s probably why the sound of statements here seems to contain a trace of a question and repeat with the insistence of a question. This is a reflection without ironic undertones. However noth- ing is returned as farce, yet is “asked” again and again as a performative statement. A perfect moral world where words are equal to actions.

Massimiliano Gioni, New Museum (New-York) curator:

Alimpiev’s acrobatic flights of fantasy are meant to free our bodies, our movements and sounds from any immedi- ate need and obvious meaning, turning our lives into an otherworldly mating dance or some inscrutable collective ritual. 

Victor Alimpiev

Magic rustle, 2011

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