One of the oldest private galleries in Moscow, “Regina”, is pleased to welcome you to our new exhibition space in Winzavod. We turn a new page of our history and present a futuristic project “City of Russia” by Pavel Pepperstein, artist, writer, critic and art theoretician. 

Pavel Pepperstein is not the first one trying to draw the authorities’ attention to the fact that total overhaul of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, which runs parallel to post-Soviet Russia’s economic growth, has not only changed the look of these cities, but also leads to much more serious consequences. While we destroy these cities and call this process “reconstruction”, we have lost and continue to lose much more than old, dysfunctional buildings and narrow streets, which aren’t fit for heavy traffic. We kill off the historical memory and make an attempt upon the nation of Russia’s self-consciousness.

Pavel Pepperstein

Heads of the Houses, 2009