Living and working in Berlin, artists travel the world to exhibit their work. Accordingly, their practice is concerned with notions of time, imaginary places, territories, landscapes and spaces. While certain works in this exhibition investigate the multiple dimensions between macro- and microcosm, others are more closely related to soundscapes. Avoiding illustration or linear narrative, they enshrine numerous layers of meaning that extend beyond their stringent form. In this sense they are time- and placeless, speaking an international idiom that knowingly incorporates its origins and transcends issues of nationality to adopt a more encompassing vision. The questions they ask are formally answered by the works themselves: Where do we come from, where do we go? What are our coordinates in time and space?

  • Alicja Kwade
  • Bert Wrede (sound)
  • Daniel Lergon
  • Gregor Hildebrandt
  • Olaf Holzapfel
  • Jorinde Voigt
  • Ralf ZiervogelП