REGINA Gallery presents the exhibition by Victor Alimpiev CENTIMETER: A COLOR CUT OF DARKNESS QUANTIFIABLE ALGAE, ALSO KNOWN AS SMOKE. The latest works by the artists are included in the exhibition – a film and picturesque works.

Two-channel video CENTIMETER puts us in the space of a silent, but violent dispute. Two groups of girls alternately pass and receive – like a conductor and an orchestra – barely perceptible signals, sharp and powerful. The managing team merges in a synchronous sequence of movements into a single pointing organism, the controlled group reacts with a stern reaction, changing the rhythm of their movements from an almost noiseless whispering tramp to furious tap dancing.

The canvases, in turn, should be presented as targets, gently wounded by such signals – as two beautiful girls by signs of attention from those surrounding them, fixing them in the form of precise and irreversible images in the clouds of colored suspension opened between us and the picture of space.

It is the first personal project by Victor Alimpiev after his personal exhibition RADIANT that was held in 2015 in REGINA Gallery.