REGINA gallery is happy to present the new project of Vlad Kulkov “Marbles from Hiroshima”. The exhibition shows new experiments of the author in abstract art. “Marbles from Hiroshima” will be the 5th project of young promising artist from Saint-Petersburg in REGINA gallery. 


Marbles from Hiroshima

(Notes on non-objectifiable "depths of things")


 This is not an image formulated by chance; indeed, the previous day in my hands appeared a small sachet with wonderful marbles – of transparent material, cylindered form, of subtle green nuance. Having read the annotation, I was surprised by the country and place of origin of this humble treasure: it was the hollow marbles from infamous Hiroshima.

...Abstraction that balances on the brink of phenomenal and unseen and, on the other hand, essentially incorporates these grounds, is able to present itself as a colorful and spectacular, attracting adventure; yet as we know, even scary and destructive things may appear in perfect plastic, though they might ideologically be charged with anxiety, provoking rejection. The veil of un-being which deprives of real is draped upon them.

Vlad Kulkov


To characterize the art of Vlad Kulkov in a nutshell, it is of speed and spiral.
The image, like falling serpentine, tends downwards to meet the surface – it will remain a trace on it: a witness, or maybe a gift. Like a face put under the rain or anything else at hand for the urgent reception of godsend, the surface-picture here is secondary to the appearance – miraculous or just pleasant one. The rounding forms won’t stop – the picture will continue with certainty, reveal itself in another picture, like an easy party boy on another night out. This art lives separate from the picture, the picture lags behind its speed.

Victor Alimpiev


Vlad Kulkov is the only Russian artist whose works are held in Hort Family Collection (New York-LA), these are gross collectors of emerging art from New York, they gather works of growing stars. Also, drawings by Kulkov – unfortunately, you will not see them on that exhibition – were published by Phaidon in the book Vitamin-D2, an overview of the best recent works on paper. To a certainty, this also means nothing to the auditory… It is on about low awareness of the common man and casts a shadow upon the activity of educational institutions, and partly of the gallery itself as an institution. We will fill the gaps and give more information to the public.

Mikhail Ovcharenko


Vlad Kulkov

Disharmonizing determination is the blamelessness of a maternally shrunken book, 2016

  • Shadows of forgotten paints. "Marbles for Hiroshima" by Vlad Kulkov in the REGINA gallery Link

    Shadows of forgotten paints. "Marbles for Hiroshima" by Vlad Kulkov in the REGINA gallery

    Valentin Dyakonov, Kommersant March 25, 2016
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    Marbles from Hiroshima

    Artguide March 15, 2016