Recently it’s becoming a good tone among the artworld to reflect the tragic events. Trending themes of autumn – winter 2001 – 2002 were: militarism, fortitude, glamorous patriotism, and Yaroslav Mogutin. Sex symbol of the 1990s and Ukrainian photographers Sergei Ilyin and Sergei Bratkov present vigorous concentrate of the listed tendencies to the public. All of that is called «Kabul Olympics 2002» (pay attention to the year – we are not that naïve and prefer to be careful).


The project consists of two parts: performance at the vernissage and photo exhibitions, united by common theme and personage. Main character is a soldier. Yaroslav Mogutin is standing on an exercise treadmill fully equipped in a military uniform. The soldier is running to Kabul. For 3 kilometers. place your bets ladies and gentlemen. Will he be able to reach the destination or not remains unknown. That’s all the plot. It seems like a simple idea, yet the fulfilment is complicated.  It includes both tragedy of person’s fortitude and natural special effects such as sweat, labored breathing, muscles strain, pride. Undisputed achievement of the XX century is to admire others’ sufferings without punishment.

Sergey Bratkov
#1 from the series KABUL OLYMPICS, 2001