Leonid Tskhe: Boy and clew

29 May - 31 Jul 2019

Ovcharenko gallery represents Leonid Tskhe’s personal exhibition “Boy and Clew” with the new series of painting and drawing.

It is well-khown the dependence of human optics from the age – memory focus has a vector of different remembrance at different ages. Leonid Tskhe has a little daughter and the artist starts to apply to his own childhood more often. Important memories of his father, his child impressions and his own experience as a father turn out in the paintings and drawings called as “Boy and Clew”.


Tskhe depicts himself at all new paintings and he is a hero who looks and acts like a fairy-tale character hidden under the mask or vested in superpower magic dress. But there is no personality from the conceptualism art point of view, gaping between artist and personage is minimal. Circumstances and situations are fictional but in the same time are realistic. Sometimes it is difficult to realize where the landscape with the river is coming from at the canvas? – is it coming from the personal history, vacation’s photos, magazine pictures? When and where was it made?


 As a graduate and a teacher of St. Petersburg The Arts Academy, Tskhe is continuing the deconstruction of the academic method. Now he used to choose a canvas with its dimension and depth instead of paper plane, as the author is interested in proportions and monumentalism, spontaneity and improvisation. All that’s taking place in his new works describing as “teenagers are digging in the mud” but the teenager come directly form Michelangelo, Velasquez, Maurilio, Picasso, Petrov-Vodkin. Using the variation on old Masters, the artist demonstrates that he belongs to the common practice of painting through his sensation.


Leonid Tskhe doesn’t conceal that all his stories are deeply personal. But there is no place for popular discussion concerning “injury” in his art as the painter puts his foot over his workshop - he stops to scaring and finds  a balance between freedom and fear. Depiction is not a injury but a dream: something that he wants come back again and again. Tskhe unravels the clew in which connected the stories of his parents, childhood, friendship, study and arts. The painting and life come together – human never let the artist go for a long time and the other way round. As the result of this coordinated movements the painted complexity resolves and turns of clarity of vision.


Pavel Gerasimenko