Dmitry Shabalin


Dmitry Shabalin graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems (ICA Moscow). In 2013, the artist referred to the phenomenon of masks in world culture, which he began to develop consistently in his art. 


If in ancient times masks were used as an object of intimidation or an opportunity to hide or change one's appearance, in Dmitry Shabalin's works they turn into self-portraits of the present, which are not frightening, but rather hypnotising by their brightness. The artist creates object-masks from found objects, turning them into neo-artefacts of modernity. Shabalin describes his style as "cosmic kitsch baroque" and his method as "irrational recycling": his works combine old carnival aesthetics with pop-cultural images, causing the viewer to recall something familiar that has already entered the subconscious. The artist bases his practice on childhood memories and dreams, and his works are elegant meditations on the intersection of the real and the imaginary, the archaic and the new. 


Dmitry Shabalin is inspired by the cosmos, natural harmony and symmetry. He makes kaleidoscopic structural compositions from random objects. Masks become composite images of contemporary mass culture. The artist creates a multilayered narrative from a mass of symbols, models the author's universe of characters and archetypes.


Dmitry Shabalin actively cooperates with the fashion world as another essential part of contemporary culture - his artwork can be seen in many fashion shoots. In 2021 Shabalin became one of the heroes of VOGUE Italia's material about artists creating masks. In 2021, he designed the front cover of an edition of the DIALOG OF ART magazine. And in 2020, Dmitry Shabalin's work was featured on the front cover of the “Luxury” supplement to The Art Newspaper Russia. In 2019, the artist created a mask for the SWAROVSKI Book of Dreams Volume III project.


Personal exhibitions:


PARTICLES. Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Ogorod". Moscow, Russia.


Group exhibitions: 


Masterpieces of the Temple, or With Easy Steam! VLADEY. Moscow, Russia.

ZDRAVSTVUYTE! OVCHARENKO in cooperation with VLADEY. Moscow, Russia.



Homo Faber. Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Venice, Italy.

Dreams of Milk. Voznesensky Centre. Moscow, Russia.



SOVRISK. Underground Museum at Zaryadye park. Moscow, Russia. 



15 Minute Break. Part 2. All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. Moscow, Russia.



NEO: SUSTAINABLE FASHION. All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. Moscow, Russia.

REVELATIONS. International Fine Craft Biennial, Grand Palais. Paris, France. 



WOW: Architecture of Fantasy. Shchusev Museum of Architecture. Moscow, Russia.



SAY I LOVE YOU. MMOMA. Moscow, Russia.